Friday, November 18, 2011

"Our Last Great Hope" by Ronnie Floyd

I have very mixed feelings about this book so please forgive me if my review seems all over the place. There's a few different things that I want to discuss.

On this surface this book is about a subject that most Christians have a problem with. The Great Commission is a very scary subject. There are a myriad of fears that pop into my head when I think about sharing my faith with people I don't know. What is they laugh at me? What if they spit at me? What if they challenge me and I freeze up? I don't know the Bible well enough to debate it. These thoughts can be overwhelming and stop me before I try to start.

I like the idea of this book. 'Let's talk about the Great Commission and see how we can reach all the people that need to be reached'. However, I feel that the book focused more on reaching large groups of people rather than individuals. I realize that it is urgent that large groups of people are reached, however, sometimes it's best to start in your own backyard with one person. Then you can reach another and the first person you reached can reach a person etc. There is no shame in a small scale outreach in the community.

Also, not everyone is called to be a missionary. I believe that God will press on a person's heart if they are to be led in that direction. I don't know what the future holds for me and my family but I have never felt that we will be leading some large missionary group either here or overseas.

I did like that fact the the author did include chapter 8, "Evaluate Everything Financially". We are told that the more we give the more we get in return. It's scary in this economy to give money away when we feel like we don't have enough. We are commanded in the Bible though to give 10% whether we are rich or poor. It's something that not every pastor will talk about and I'm glad that it was talked about in this book.

Overall, I thought this was a book with some really good talking points but feels like it missed the mark. I felt like the author was too busy talking about how important he is and how many accomplishments he has and how much he alone works for the Great Commission. It turned me off somewhat to this book. I don't really know if I would recommend it.

I got this book for free from Thomas Nelson publishers through their Booksneeze program in exchange for a review. All thoughts contained in this review are my own.


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